Our Typical Packages

Typically, we will operate from our own premises and your business place as well as any third party with whom we are interacting on your behalf. The timing for this will be arranged to suit your needs.

Regular interaction is essential, especially in the early phases to ensure that all issues and items are comprehensively reviewed and outcomes determined along with the appropriate timelines.

We prefer to operate on a longer term contract with a three monthly break on either side as we believe that this provides the benefits of commitment, continuity and completion for the vast majority of projects.


We can and do operate on a daily and even hourly rate as appropriate for the project in hand. This can range from a discrete piece of work to a series of projects that link together to form an annual contract. Obviously, the latter provides for a more effective pricing structure.

We accept payment on the following basis:

  • Direct fee for service
  • Fee with a success fee, either fee or equity
  • Equity

We will discuss specific terms prior to outset of business, although we are flexible to commence on one and then move to another as the business develops.

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