Why Engage Us?

Small and emerging companies, have a need to be flexible, adaptable and develop rapidly in a range of areas. They require access to both in-depth expert assistance of the “what & when to do it” and more importantly “how to do it” from people who have actually “been there and successfully done it”. This is particularly important in today’s economic environment.

What better way than to engage a group who have:

  • A successful track record
  • In-depth knowledge of all aspects of start-up through business growth to exit and beyond
  • Established a wide network to enable an effective solution to even the most complex issues

pharmafor will enhance your company in all circumstances, including but not exclusively that:

…You may already have a team in place which we would complement through our skills to either provide extra focus in a particular field or indeed provide a different perspective and additional detail based upon our knowledge and actual experiences.

…The current team may already be stretched in the delivery of existing plans and we would add an extra dimension in coordinating the work of new avenues, or indeed take on the existing work to free-up time for the in-house team to focus on new areas for the business.

…The current team may be specialists and we would therefore complement by the provision of a comprehensive generalist service to the company.

…The current team may be small and we would provide the comprehensive service to ensuring that financial resources are focused on moving the business forward rather than on the early addition of infrastructure in terms of full time employees. We would also assist with the development of the organization as the business grew.

…Operational management may not be a key feature of company time and again this is an area which we can assist or even run for you. In this manner your resource can be focused purely upon the business/technology development.

…Marrying strategy with operational delivery is a key feature for any successful company and underpinning this with the company structure shaped accordingly is a must for any sustainable enterprise in today’s marketplace. Our extensive experience here will provide you with this specialist skill.

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